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How it works

Dual Button Touch Buttons : If you wish to enter manually or don’t have access to your smartphone, simply input your pin code by touching the buttons. Push Buttons : Even on a rainy day or if you have gloves on during winter time, you can still have access to your home or office by inputting your pin code using the push button function Water Resistance The stainless steel is anti-corrosive to prevent natural wear and tear and waterproof to prevent condensation from causing your lock to malfunction. Anti-Smudged With its sturdy stainless steel design, AMADAS deters intrusions while also preventing intruders from deciphering your code with its anti-smudge finish.

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High Compatibility

AMADAS has the most comprehensive lock type compatibility on the market. Whether your door type is Tubular, Mortise (cylinder) or a Hybrid smart lever, D.I.Y. installation is possible in only a few short minutes.